Quail App

Dental patient engagement done right.


Quail is a patient engagement platform that enables patients to take ownership of their oral health with interactive treatment plans & personalized prevention tools.

Patient experience

The Quail App

Quail is designed to improve the patient experience outside of the dental office by streamlining patient education, dental records, and communication with your dental provider.

Quail Features

  • My Mouth
  • Educational Library
  • Forum Section
  • Connect to you dentist
  • Happy Tooth Foundation

My Mouth

The My Mouth feature is an animated module that provides patients with an interactive and current view of their dental history, current treatment, and potential problem areas. Patients are then linked to a number of articles, videos, and other relevant education resources from our extensive Content Library. Parents will also be able to view each of their children’s mouths so they don’t need to worry about forgetting what the dentist said about each child after a visit. They will always be up to speed about what was done during each child’s visit and specific instructions that was given for each of them.

John Doe
Jane Doe
John Doe Two
Jane Doe Two
Hello its me

Top 3 Proven Benefits

1. Improve case acceptance and dramatically improve unscheduled treatment numbers. 2. Improve patient loyalty/retention. 3. Improve overall patient experience and engagement in and out of office.

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Our team would love to spend 20 minutes with you showing how Quail works with your dental practice, how it integrates with the software you are already using, and how an increased patient experience outside of the office will drive your bottom line.

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