Patient Engagement Done Right.


Quail is an app provided by the dentist for the patient with the objective to improve case acceptance by enabling patients to take ownership of their oral health with interactive treatment plans & personalized prevention tools.

Why Quail?

Quail Features

MY MOUTH provides patients with an interactive view of their dental history, current treatment, and potential problems. Here patients have the ability to view that particular tooth's needed care, past work on that tooth, as well as relevant articles/videos. Patients will see their scheduled treatment date. If that treatment is unscheduled, push notifications are delivered prompting the patients to schedule their needed visit. The LIBRARY provides patients with verified content customized to their needs. Quail's CHAT portal provides direct communication with their dental provider for questions, concerns, scheduling, billing, etc.

Quail Quick Glance

  • My Mouth
  • Toothview
  • Library
  • Chat with Provider
  • Forums
  • Happy Tooth Foundation


Quail has been shown to improve case acceptance by motivating patients to get back in to the office. The result is an increase in closed treatment plans and a decrease in "No-Shows" and "2nd Opinions". Meanwhile, patients gain ownership and understanding of what's going on in their mouths and their children's mouths. For some patients, visiting the dentist can be like going to the car mechanic in the sense that there is a lack of understanding of what needs to be fixed and why. Beyond that, they now have a much more efficient way of communicating with their dental practice (including the ability to send in photos or videos of a particular concern). The overall result, is a fortified relationship between patient/parent and provider.

Kristen - Patient
James - Patient
Cole - Patient
Dr. Hanks - Provider
Dr. Neglerio - Provider


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